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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`TimTownsend's gallery is a glittering array of fantastic skill and comic book awesomeness. His dedication to finely tuning his skills is without doubt, and you'll always find Tim looking for ways in which he can inspire other artists to continue with dedication to their chosen craft. Tim is well known for embellishing our community with stunning artwork, but he's also the perfect finisher for a day of browsing. You don't need to be a comic nerd to appreciate everything that he does, however you may find yourself becoming one after visiting his gallery. So it's with a POW and a BANG that we bestow the Deviousness Award for February 2011 to `TimTownsend. Congratulations, Tim!
-awarded February 2011
Hey peeps~

          It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that one of our fellow Deviants, artists, and my friend, :iconchadfuller: passed away over the weekend after a lengthy and epic battle against cancer. I feel comfortable and yet a little strange writing what amounts to a memorial for him. A few people seemed to feel that I knew him best and asked that I write something. The fact of the matter is that I met chad here on DA a little over three years ago. I reached out to him when I heard about his struggles with cancer. His story reminded me a lot of what my dear friend, Michael Turner, had gone through. It was in Michael's memory that I reached out to Chad to see if I could lend any support. I thought that perhaps sharing some of Michael's story might help him in some way. Chad and I developed an immediate and deep friendship via e-mail as a result. Over these last few years Ive had the play-by-play of what he was going through. He shared with me many deep, private thoughts. What always stood out to me about Chad, what anyone who knew him will tell you, is that he was brave, he was dignified, he was thoughtful, and he was STRONG. Not since Michael had I witnessed someone fight so hard for so long with such......grace. To say I was humbled and just downright in awe would be putting things mildly. Not once.....I mean LITERALLY.....not once....did I ever head Chad complain. He never once pitied himself. He never once complained. All he ever said was that the latest setback was just another obstacle to overcome in his eventual triumph over this horrible affliction. He never least not to me.

         In the midst of the seemingly endless onslaught of this cancer, as it took his body piece-by-piece, he never let it define him. He went to great efforts to have as normal a life as possible. His greatest pleasure was spending time with his nephew and his greatest hope was to see him grow up. Chad was always more concerned with my life when we spoke. "How are those deadlines?". "How is your family?". "How is your mother doing?". When my mom passed last year, Chad was right there, making sure I was OK. He was a huge comfort and he inadvertently helped me to keep things in perspective. When I had my own health scare a couple of years ago, it was Chad who kept me calm. He was a voice of reason.

         I guess what I'm trying to say is that Chad was, as they say, one-in-a-million.....although I think the ratio may be much higher.  He was one of those people that this world is in desperate need of. In his short life he managed to touch and inspire others. He wanted his story to bring hope. Even though his story ended the way it has, there is still so much to be learned from him, from people like him. Chad didn't win his fight but maybe his story will inspire someone else struggling against massive odds to step up and fight harder.....and maybe to win.

         In Chad's memory, I'd like to ask you to reach out to a stranger in need sometime if given the opportunity. You might get more than you bargained for. You might be the one who ends up benefiting from the effort. Little things can mean so much. Little things can make a BIG difference.

I love you, buddy. Rest easy.



Tim Townsend
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States

1) I am a professional and Ive been working for MARVEL COMICS (as well as DC, IMAGE, and many others) for the last 19 years. No, I do not want to work on your self-published project for free....even though its likely the "best idea EV-ER".

2) I do ALL of my inks BY HAND. I do NOT ink all....never. And no, I do NOT have anything against digital inking.

3) My tools of the trade in terms of inking are a WINDSOR NEWTON SERIES 7 #2 brush (about 75%), a HUNT 102 CROW QUILL NIB (about 20%), technical pens and other assorted items(5%), and KOH-I-NOOR 3080 waterproof drawing ink.

4) I rarely take on commission work due to my typically crazy schedule but dont be afraid to ask. Every once in a blue moon I can squeeze one in.

5) I am currently working on The Uncanny X-Men..

6) For those of you wanting to know "how to get work in comics", here's the straight answer. Spend many years learning how to draw from life. Go to school (not a requirement to get hired but the best way to learn the skill-sets youll need to become good enough to get hired). Once you're grounded in the basics of anatomy, form, lighting, etc. you can begin to study the art form of sequential story-telling. Just being able to draw a neat pin-up doesn't mean a thing. You have to be able to tell a story. Youll also have to be able to do this all in a timely manner. Deadlines rule this business. Once you're there the final obstacle is simple. YOU HAVE TO BE BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE VYING FOR THE SAME WORK. You'll be competing with seasoned professionals as well as new-comers. You have to stand out from the pack. No one cares if your work is "good for you". No one cares if you were the best artist in High School. They only care if your work is better than the rest and that its marketable. The big companies don't take samples any more which means you'll have to travel to conventions and meet with editors for portfolio reviews. Be nice, listen, don't get defensive if they tell you your work has problems, and don't smell bad. Know that everyone has a "killer idea that they've been working on for years" and that no one is likely to care about yours until you've established some professional credibility. Know that the odds are against you ever breaking in and that it takes a lot of time, patience, and diligence to weather the gauntlet. Only the strong survive. I think that about covers it!

7) I'm no longer doing on-line critiques. I get asked at least 15 times a day. They take too much time and I have work and a family to attend to. I'll most likely do an open call for portfolio reviews here on D.A. a couple of times a year. I hope you understand.

8) Before asking questions about things such as projects Ive worked on, who I've worked with, if I have any pencil-to-ink samples, do I do anything besides ink, etc, be sure you look through my WHOLE galley, not just the first page. I have almost 350 gallery deviations and many of the answers to questions such a these can be found therein.

Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Operating System: OS X
Favourite cartoon character: Hellboy



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